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Always Recruiting
Active Chapters

SKEL is always searching for new members to bring into our community. We have players from all around the world who come together for the love of the game.

Always Creating
Custom Maps and Activities

SKEL has creative map makers and event creators who work together to keep things active and interesting no matter the season.

Always Riding
Gaming Expansive

Our members enjoy a wide variety of games together. No matter whether one is interested in racing, other shooters, or maybe even building something from the ground up - there is something for each member.

Free Roam Fun

The Skeleton Crew enjoys hanging out in free roam sessions. Whether it be making money, going on rides, or just chilling with randoms you can always count on your brothers to have your back.
  • Killing Enemies

  • Doing Sales

  • Public Rides

  • Recruiting Members

  • Blowing Each Other Up in Custom Matches

  • Getting Your Teeth Kicked In (Training)

  • Watching the Sunset While Your Knife Enters the Enemy's Neck

  • Lighting Each Other on Fire

Beep Beep
You Might Be A Biker If:

- You like shooting things - It takes 45 minutes to fully customize each bike - You keep your bike well lubricated with the blood of your enemies



Join our crew as a Support member and you will be challenged to prove you want to be part of this crew.



When a Support member has shown they want to have a place among our ranks, a patched member will take them up as a Prospect where the must complete requirements during a three-week period.



A fully-patched member of SKEL has shown their commitment to the club and does their best to represent us with honor. They will vehemently defend their brother or sister and are the backbone of what makes SKEL the most active GTA MC.

Battlefield Domination

SKEL has not lost a freeroam MC war in over a year.

Although our enemies prefer to hide, if they do come knocking one can expect a full session's worth of SKEL members ready to defend one another.  
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