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Welcome!  The Skeleton Crew MC is a motorcycle club crew in GTA Online.  We are a tightnit group of friends who have come together with the goal of creating great memories, while upholding our honor and protecting our brothers and sisters.

Rockstar Newswire Featured, Not simply randomly. The Skeleton Crew MC is the only MC that was featured in the Newswire on September 26th, 2016.  Leading up to that prestigious day and ever since, we have established the reputation of a helpful and welcoming crew for players from all walks of life, and stop at nothing to defend our family.

This crew has a lot of time in GTA, and today we have reached the most successful stage of our history. We combine an excellent community where the priority is to help and defend each other. Join and observe for yourself that we do not have to lie to capture your attention.

Here at Skel, you will find that we are a family first.  Players can be found riding together in lobbies, from reaking havoc on the police and others who dare step in our path, to holding events such as Fight Club, TDMs, Jousting and more different events.  We enjoy all aspects of GTA Online, and with each new support, prospect, and patched member comes new ideas and ways to play.  With these players comes manpower and new ways to make money through the MC businesses, gunrunning, heists, free roam jobs, and other activities.

Skel MC is 18+, so we  can offer a mature environment for other players.  Whether you are a veteran in the GTA universe or a brand new player, seeking a club that offers camaraderie and fun, look no further and apply today!

Oderint Dum Metuant: Let them hate, so long as they fear."

Applicants Join on Discord Invitation Link

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Latest News

The Book of The Skeleton Crew MC

We publicly announce the history of The Skeleton Crew MC. These memories are the real and most important events that have occurred in the crew.

Within the history of Skeleton Crew a lot of water has passed under the bridge to form one of the most successful MC Crew on PC. Each fact has been faithfully summarized

Memories: Jor - National Vice President

Writer: Johnny.Vice - Sandy Shores President

Chapter I - The Creation

Chapter II - The First Separation

Chapter III - Internal and External MC Relations

Chapter IV - The Second Separation

Chapter V - The Reformation

Chapter VI - The Resurrection of Sandy Shores

Chapter VII - The Resurrection of Rebel Hills

Chapter VIII - The Present

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Alohe SKEL Family,

We have some new shifts in Sandy Shores.  Sajakaingta, a close friend of mine and loyal Officer to our chapter and SKEL, has been promoted to Vice President of Sandy Shores.  We have seen his hard work as Tailgunner and Secretary, and look forward to what he will bring to SKEL in the future.

Additionally, Gump has been promoted to Enforcer.  Justin has retired as our Road Captain, we thank him for his service.  Milmo will be serving as our new Road Captain, and 2FireCrow will be assisting him as our Tailgunner.  Congratulations to all of you.  I'm proud to ride beside you.

In other news, Sandy Shores has a new event that we will be running:  The Sandy Shores Duel.  We've had great turnouts at these events and look forward to seeing more battles.  Free-roam mock MC wars have also been taking place post-church, and has been great practice for our members.  I thank everyone for coming to our events and training practice, we have surely seen the results on the battlefield.

IPMC continues to run from us from session to session.  When they stay and we snipe, they submit to us and keep fighting for a while.  Fantastic work in showing The Skeleton Crew's dominance on the battlefield.


As always, ride strong, my brothers.

Sandy Shores President

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Happy New Year, SKEL!

It has been an amazing year for our crew and family.  I am very excited to start another year with our club.

In recent news, SS Officers have shifted: Sajakain is our new Secretary, Oby is our newest Enforcer.  Congratulations to them.  Havoc has been named the Death SGT of the Death Squad, we are very excited for his continued leadership and effort.

With the holidays over, SKEL will resume with normal activity.  Please be on the lookout for new events and things to do with our crew.  We look forward to seeing you in game!


Happy Riding

Sandy Shores President

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Aloha, Skel!

Another week in paradise.  With Rebel Hills set in stone, Sandy Shores has returned their gaze to recruitment and rebuilding.  A very big thank you to everyone who has done their part in showing their Skel pride.

I am pleased to announce some change in leadership.  Tedder is now our Tailgunner and Oby has been promoted to Secretary.  We are excited to have Jeff as our new Sergeant At Arms.  He is a brilliant strategist, a brave fighter and has a cool head on his shoulders.  It is also with great pride that I introduce Equil, my former prospect and diehard fan of the Skeleton Crew MC, as my new Vice President.  He has a huge passion for his crew and loves putting together events.  He is charismatic and always itching for a fight.

Congratulations to our newly patched members as well.  I remember my earlier days in Sandy Shores, the pride that it meant to finally be able to wear the patch on my back - it is good to share that same enthusiasm with our new brothers.

Ride strong!

Sandy Shores President

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