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Sandy Shores

Beyond the tumbleweeds and the dirt that flies up by the winds of the desert and the wheels of these bikers, the Sandy Shores Chapter rises. Founded on June 21st of 2016, they are the oldest and one of the most respected chapters of SKEL. They have endured many changes and have stood the test of time as the first non-national chapter of The Skeleton Crew. Their patches dominate in dueling and jousting. Their current President, SKEL_Rob, was voted in on October 21st, 2018.
Sandy Shores Council:
  • SKEL_Rob
  • RynxXK5
    Vice President
  • repeeRmirG
    Sgt. At Arms
  • MrPorthos
  • Slims97
  • Milmo96
    Road Captain
  • Conquistador
  • Gump
  • Kellethor
Sandy Shores Patched Members:
  • Danielson
  • Matt78_
  • _Havoc__
  • Lethalfurious
  • ChronicReign
  • KDVL_
  • TxArty
  • DeuxPrince
  • xaDDar
  • -Billy-
Sandy Shores Fun Night:
Themed Churches
Sandy Shores is centered around having fun. Every Saturday at 5 P.M. EST Sandy Shores holds a church discussing club business. Sometimes Sandy Shores will hold themed churches where crew members dress up in a certain theme. Themed Churches have included cowboys, hobos, and most recently an ugly Christmas sweater themed church. Sandy Shores knows how to party.
Jousting and Duels
On Friday nights come down to Sandy Shores to have a blast during Sandy Shores Fun Night. Members participate in different events every week, but don't miss out on the two most classic Fun Night events, the joust and the duel. Any good with shotgunning enemies on the bike? Want to try and fight in an old fashioned cowboy duel? Come down to the Sandy Shores Airfield with us and you can prove your worth and earn a patch. 
Car and Air Shows
Nobody enjoys a stunning car or aircraft more than The Skeleton Crew. Sandy Shores will often host a car or airshow where every member brings their amazing vehicles to show off to the crew. Themes include muscle cars, supers, stunt planes, etc. If you have got a beast of a vehicle you want to show off, Sandy Shores is the place for you.

Ready to Have Fun?

Do you have what it takes to join the Sandy Shores chapter?