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Basic Rules
Here are our Basic Rules for the Crew. All members are expected to abide by these at all times.
  • Must be at least 18 years old to join.
  • No killing other members of The Skeleton Crew MC.
  • Members are free to ride any style motorcycle they choose.
  • Members must aid any brother who requests it.
  • All members must have The Skeleton Crew MC patch visible. (includes Prospects and Support)
  • No members will disobey orders from ranking officers.
  • Members must treat other members with the utmost respect.
  • No member will start a war with another MC or crew without permission from either the President, Vice-President or Sgt. at Arms.
  • Members will only fire upon other players (randoms) if provoked.
  • Members will not go against anything the club has passed in a vote.
  • Members will show loyalty and dedication to the club.
  • Members must remain active in-game, our Discord Server, and TeamSpeak.
  • Members must ride behind higher ranking officers and show respect.
Freemode Arms & Vehicle Clause (Public Sessions)
  • All handguns and assault rifles are allowed.
    • Sniper Rifles are allowed.
    • Sawed-Off, Double Barrel and Pump Shotguns are allowed, NO Heavy Auto.
  • No explosives unless being used to destroy armored/weaponized vehicles.
  • No weaponized or armored vehicles are permitted unless they are provided and required by a mission.
  • Fully Patched members are allowed to drive cars / trucks and fly aircrafts as long as they are unarmored and not weaponized. Rights can be revoked if abused.
  • Support and Prospects can ONLY ride motorcycles.
  • Support and Prospects must follow the chain of command while in a freemode (public) session.
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