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Rebel Hills
"Rebel Forever. Forever Rebel"
On the country roads of Rebel Hills rides one of the most dangerous chapters in the MC community. They are fearless and ruthless in battle. The Rebel Hills Chapter of the Skeleton Crew MC was founded on September 14th, 2016. The Rebel Radio Building is the headquaters of the country radio station Rebel Radio, as well as home to our fearsome Rebel Hills Chapter - next door to Sandy Shores. The chapter was once shut down during a consolidation period, but they have returned, and they are stronger than ever. Rebel Hills members dominate The Pit and Bike Of The Week events. Their current President, Foereal, was voted in on October 14th, 2018.
Rebel Hills Council:
  • Foereal
  • DJ
    Vice President
  • SKEL_Max
    Sergeant at Arms
  • Shadiercougar
  • Road Captain
  • Taurus-stercore
  • SKEL_Fenryr
  • Puremorningcorn
Rebel Hills Patched Members:
  • Phateeh
  • L.U.D.A
  • StingLv
  • resolocup1122
  • BK----
  • FluffyGuzman
  • Holydivver
  • Rancorwizz
  • BloodSh0t1186
  • _Rooni_
  • Kutthroat.
  • GEINgreen
  • iDeviantz
  • AverageHoax
  • SuperDuke
Chapter Events:
Bike Of The Week
Every Monday we meet at some fancy location and present our bikes. Event followed by themes, such as The Blvck Edition, The Wild, Road Kill, The Wolf & The Rat.
Do you think your bike looks good enough? Bring it!
Rebel Hills Rumble
Tuesday is the day when Rebel Hills hosts the event where everyone can practice their PvP skills and have a lot of fun. We are rotating between multiple combat aspects. Oppressors MK2 are annoying again? We host the practice on how to get rid of them really quick. Our enemies dare to get online again? Excellent, let's practice bike and AR combat based on Stand Your Ground. Aim practice needed? How about revolver duel on bikes?
Sounds interesting? Get online on Tuesday and have fun with us!

Feel inspired enough?

Do you think you are ready to become one of us? Do you think you can represent Rebel Hills patch?

Fight for Rebel Hills president!