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The National Council is the authoritative board of leadership in the club. It consists of the President of Skeleton Crew Motorcycle Club (National President) and the appointed Council Officers. It forms the backbone of SKEL and is responsible for administration, infrastructure, social media, foreign and domestic politics, chapters,recruitment, law, events, and encompasses all things relating to the club. The Council adheres to rank hierarchy, but its operations are democratic.
Weavie has been the National President of SKEL for two years. He was previously National VP, having been President of Sandy Shores then Rebel Hills. He helped to build a relaxed and stable environment for SKEL which kept us as one of the most active MCs of GTA Online.
Natonal President
Johnny was voted in as National Vice President in 2018, and was Sandy Shores President for a year and a half. Johnny helped rebuild Sandy Shores from just a few members into a fighting force.
National Vice President
Previously President of Skelettes, Forphoque Saques was invited to National chapter because of his leadership and management abilities.
Forphoque Saques
National Road Captain
It's Jeff. He's Hungry.
National Enforcer
National Church
Our National Church has the biggest attendance in the whole community. Pretty often we have to host mirror sessions, because we have more than 30 members online at once. Crew business, a ride and awesome events are what National Church is.
National Clubhouses
New Vinewood
When Weavie became National President - he decided to move SKEL from a fancy mansion to a proper biker clubhouse.
Now we can enjoy our own, private area, we have more spots for bikes and more room for our porspects and supports to guard the area.
Old Vinewood
Originally, SKEL was decided to control the Vinewood area.  As SKEL clubhouse we conquered the best mansion in the whole Los Santos. We had a pool, small tunnel that we had to go through to park our bikes. View on the city was amazing, especially during the night.