Saturday, February 17, 2018

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Happy Sunday, everyone!

It's been another great week in Sandy Shores.  Rebel Hills has launched recently, a few of Sandy Shore's patches went over to help them get started.  We have welcomed Equil, Grim, and Jeff to our Enforcing team.  Justin has become our new Road Captain, and Tedder has been promoted to Secretary.  Yesterday at church, Milmo and Oby earned their patch into our fearsome chapter.  Equil today was also welcomed to the infamous Death Squad!  Congratulations to you all.

SS hosts events Friday nights at 10PM EST.  All Skel members, support and all throughout the chapters are welcome to join us.  This past week, we held Skel's first ever Couple's Jousting match - congratulations to Moe and Havoc on their victory!

For the fifth day in a row, Skel has fought against and triumphed over IPMC and their Private Military Crew allies.  Either we pushed them all over the map until their surrender, or their modder friends crashed the lobby.  Mongrel Pack MC, Cursed Crooks MC, and Reapers MC have also joined us for these battles.  IPMC has even abandoned their members and left them at the mercy of the Skeleton Crew and their allies.  I am proud of each and every member who has participated in this show of force.  The hunt continues!

I have been proud to lead Sandy Shores for another month.  It is always an honor to see my brothers gather for our events, churches, and battles.  I look forward to continuing the ride with you all!

Sandy Shores President

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