Saturday, February 17, 2018

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This week has been a lot fun.

It started with hunting IPMC, forcing them to abandon the fight 5 times in one day! This was undoubtedly a record of cowardice from IPMC a great demonstration of the power of Skel. This news has been circling in the community and has made IPMC the laughing stock of 1%ers.

Skel and Reaps kept IPMC cornered in a parking lot for several hours. With fear they then hid in the alleys. Being destroyed again and again without any chance of winning.

Bone (Private Military Contract Crew) used to help IPMC all the time but they are now a dying crew so now IPMC has resorted to the help of modders. In LGMC several of its members are known for using aimbot, teletransportation, godmode. Without a doubt IPMC have hit rock bottom. 


In more important news, the new DLC has been released and Skel is still staying true to 1%. First impressions made us think that the public sessions would be a disaster but we kick the asses of anybody who tries to carpet bomb us. 

Officers are currently testing the new content; and for the moment our arms claus works effectively for this new DLC. 



Recent News - Sep 2

IPMC, BEMC, were spotted in public session, Skel forced them to leave the session as usual. This adds up to 6 times in less than a week!


Join Skeleton Crew MC. The road is not easy, here we have to earn the place and work for it, but it pays off! The feeling of being part of a solid, active crew, one of the most respected and fearful crew in the MC world. 

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