Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Today SKEL National Church took place, with more than 20+ members and we were talking about different topics.

The table opened with the word of the Skeleton Crew President, Weavie.

1) It was clarified again that the use of the Opressor should only be in specific circumstances, when armored or weponized vehicles are present, and rarely during long distance travel.

2) Announced that the Rebel Hill Chapter will open again soon. And the President will be keklez.

3) Welcomed to Senecal, MarauderSaint and Keklez to Deathsquad. (New members will be announced during the coming weeks).

4) Announced Sabrina stepped down from Nat. SGT at Arms and will be in the Skelettes chapter as a patch member for personal reasons.

It was clarified that a replacement will not be sought at the moment because it is one of the most important positions in the crew, and SKEL wants to be sure to find the right person for such a great and honorable position that carries a lot of responsibility.

5) After the open floor for miscellaneous questions about the club, SKEL proceeded to make the National Ride to Mt. Chilliad and with fire welcomed Angrysnowman to the Sandy Shores Chapter.

6) After Church ended, a mixed playlist of 9 maps was started.


Join to Skel to be part of this amazing experience!!

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Comments (1)


Another awesome church! Thanks Skel Fam <3
WeaViE   Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:24 am

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