Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Yesterday, the Gta MC community, has had very active and fun moments. In the afternoon improvised deathmatch and team deathmatch where we tried new maps created by our members. A couple of hours later, we received the news that Infernal punk (a crew known for not following MC codes, and being allies with crew PMC) tried to show their noses in GTA.

Reap MC and Skel MC, has hunt Infernal Punk non MC, destroying them in two different sessions simultaneously and forcing them to leave the lobbies and hide.

Then Skel and Reap started the Jousting event. Laughter and brotherhood were the protagonists. after that, we started one of the most fun activities. Stab Soccer!. While we received salty private messages from IPnonMC. Without putting attention to much attention we gave them permission of breathe in GTA and continue with our events.

Today we invite all GTA players who want to belong to the largest GTA MC. Join to us! where you can find friends, brothers, sisters, defend the patch, and destroy the enemy. 

The Skeleton Crew MC


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