Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Hello Skel Fam!

It was another great week in Sandy Shores.  We had Friday night events as usual, a new Jousting champion: Congratulations to MarauderSaint!  A fantastic turnout for church today as well.  Keklez has stepped down as Vice President of Sandy Shores, due to time constraints and his higher ability to lead us in battle as a Sgt. At Arms instead.  Weyn, a previous Enforcer for SS, will be stepping up at my right side to be Vice President.  Senecal has also joined our Enforcer ranks.  Congratulations to you all!

We have shown great vigilance and strength in recent battles with BONE and IPMC.  Disturbz, Tail Gunner and temp. Secretary for SS, has done a fantastic job in creating many maps for us to practice on.  Remember that it is critical to join our training sessions if you would like to improve.

It's been amazing being able to lead Sandy Shores for another week.  My first month has been a productive one for our chapter, to say the least, and we look forward to the contributions and character that we will bring and continue to bring to Skel.  Happy riding!

Sandy Shores President

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This week has been great for Skeleton Crew MC. As usual Skel has demonstrated more strength and absolute power against other MC's. Coordinated battles, experienced players, skill and love for the patch are the ideal components for the greatness of Skel. Now every MC thinks twice before shooting on any member who are wearing the SKEL Tag.

In others news, taking advantage of Rockstar discounts we have made our players fill their pockets with money with gunrunning sales. It is finally time for some for double money on bunker sales.

During this weekend we will continue farming money, host Sandy Shores and National Church, followed by a mixed playlist. Between these events we will be hosting daily training as usual.


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Today SKEL National Church took place, with more than 20+ members and we were talking about different topics.

The table opened with the word of the Skeleton Crew President, Weavie.

1) It was clarified again that the use of the Opressor should only be in specific circumstances, when armored or weponized vehicles are present, and rarely during long distance travel.

2) Announced that the Rebel Hill Chapter will open again soon. And the President will be keklez.

3) Welcomed to Senecal, MarauderSaint and Keklez to Deathsquad. (New members will be announced during the coming weeks).

4) Announced Sabrina stepped down from Nat. SGT at Arms and will be in the Skelettes chapter as a patch member for personal reasons.

It was clarified that a replacement will not be sought at the moment because it is one of the most important positions in the crew, and SKEL wants to be sure to find the right person for such a great and honorable position that carries a lot of responsibility.

5) After the open floor for miscellaneous questions about the club, SKEL proceeded to make the National Ride to Mt. Chilliad and with fire welcomed Angrysnowman to the Sandy Shores Chapter.

6) After Church ended, a mixed playlist of 9 maps was started.


Join to Skel to be part of this amazing experience!!

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Another victory, and this is already starting to become a trend.

SKEL and REAP wrecked the Infernal Punks again. Frustrated, they asked for help from PMCs to fight their fights with the use of cheap combat methods.

It has been proven that IPMC now stands for Infernal Private Military Contract.

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Yesterday, the Gta MC community, has had very active and fun moments. In the afternoon improvised deathmatch and team deathmatch where we tried new maps created by our members. A couple of hours later, we received the news that Infernal punk (a crew known for not following MC codes, and being allies with crew PMC) tried to show their noses in GTA.

Reap MC and Skel MC, has hunt Infernal Punk non MC, destroying them in two different sessions simultaneously and forcing them to leave the lobbies and hide.

Then Skel and Reap started the Jousting event. Laughter and brotherhood were the protagonists. after that, we started one of the most fun activities. Stab Soccer!. While we received salty private messages from IPnonMC. Without putting attention to much attention we gave them permission of breathe in GTA and continue with our events.

Today we invite all GTA players who want to belong to the largest GTA MC. Join to us! where you can find friends, brothers, sisters, defend the patch, and destroy the enemy. 

The Skeleton Crew MC


We recommend visit the website of our friends:


and that was only the first page of 1 session

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This week Skeleton Crew, destroyed IPMC twice, forcing IPMC to call PMC crews to help them. They were pushed from Sandy Shores to Vinewood, to the Casino to the Docks. this crew didn't have a chance. Reapers also participated, our Allied Crew. This shows and separates those who are real MC from who are simply crews that had the opportunity to be something and chose to be common and without identity. Skeleton Crew lesson: Never say you're an MC if you use PMC to help you.

Skeleton Crew everyday more big.,powerful and feared under the flag of brotherhood and 

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The crew is growing and every day it gets more stronger. These last weeks we have been dedicated to making money and helping each other. In the next few weeks we will devote ourselves to training and becoming to lethal machine to new recruits and less experienced members.

In the last 3 months the Skel Tag shines brighter than it has ever been. More solid, united and respected.

This crew has witnessed the births and disband of other crew that pretended to be better, however we have observed them as they lost strength and have fallen into oblivion. Skeleton Crew beats stronger receiving new applications to join day to day, each case is evaluated. This crew only asks for maturity.

All interested apply today. You will find without a doubt the best place to play.



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Congratulations to Kaosulv, justinleasure928, Hitman-AKA-Talon, Rogue.181 to become Full Patched member of the Club. And congrats to Weynnnn to become prospect.

Make the Club proud.

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Prospect and Support handbook is already available, which will help new members to know every rule of the crew more easily.

You will find the document in our discord. Any questions, please contact a crew officer.

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The Gunrunning DLC has arrived and Skeleton Crew MC are testing every aspect of the content to adapt the weapons clause.

The new weapons and vehicles represent a great challenge, however we are studying every situation so our members continue defending or attacking without falling into a generic role game 

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