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Happy New Year, SKEL!

It has been an amazing year for our crew and family.  I am very excited to start another year with our club.

In recent news, SS Officers have shifted: Sajakain is our new Secretary, Oby is our newest Enforcer.  Congratulations to them.  Havoc has been named the Death SGT of the Death Squad, we are very excited for his continued leadership and effort.

With the holidays over, SKEL will resume with normal activity.  Please be on the lookout for new events and things to do with our crew.  We look forward to seeing you in game!


Happy Riding

Sandy Shores President

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Aloha, Skel!

Another week in paradise.  With Rebel Hills set in stone, Sandy Shores has returned their gaze to recruitment and rebuilding.  A very big thank you to everyone who has done their part in showing their Skel pride.

I am pleased to announce some change in leadership.  Tedder is now our Tailgunner and Oby has been promoted to Secretary.  We are excited to have Jeff as our new Sergeant At Arms.  He is a brilliant strategist, a brave fighter and has a cool head on his shoulders.  It is also with great pride that I introduce Equil, my former prospect and diehard fan of the Skeleton Crew MC, as my new Vice President.  He has a huge passion for his crew and loves putting together events.  He is charismatic and always itching for a fight.

Congratulations to our newly patched members as well.  I remember my earlier days in Sandy Shores, the pride that it meant to finally be able to wear the patch on my back - it is good to share that same enthusiasm with our new brothers.

Ride strong!

Sandy Shores President

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Happy Sunday, everyone!

It's been another great week in Sandy Shores.  Rebel Hills has launched recently, a few of Sandy Shore's patches went over to help them get started.  We have welcomed Equil, Grim, and Jeff to our Enforcing team.  Justin has become our new Road Captain, and Tedder has been promoted to Secretary.  Yesterday at church, Milmo and Oby earned their patch into our fearsome chapter.  Equil today was also welcomed to the infamous Death Squad!  Congratulations to you all.

SS hosts events Friday nights at 10PM EST.  All Skel members, support and all throughout the chapters are welcome to join us.  This past week, we held Skel's first ever Couple's Jousting match - congratulations to Moe and Havoc on their victory!

For the fifth day in a row, Skel has fought against and triumphed over IPMC and their Private Military Crew allies.  Either we pushed them all over the map until their surrender, or their modder friends crashed the lobby.  Mongrel Pack MC, Cursed Crooks MC, and Reapers MC have also joined us for these battles.  IPMC has even abandoned their members and left them at the mercy of the Skeleton Crew and their allies.  I am proud of each and every member who has participated in this show of force.  The hunt continues!

I have been proud to lead Sandy Shores for another month.  It is always an honor to see my brothers gather for our events, churches, and battles.  I look forward to continuing the ride with you all!

Sandy Shores President

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This week has been a lot fun.

It started with hunting IPMC, forcing them to abandon the fight 5 times in one day! This was undoubtedly a record of cowardice from IPMC a great demonstration of the power of Skel. This news has been circling in the community and has made IPMC the laughing stock of 1%ers.

Skel and Reaps kept IPMC cornered in a parking lot for several hours. With fear they then hid in the alleys. Being destroyed again and again without any chance of winning.

Bone (Private Military Contract Crew) used to help IPMC all the time but they are now a dying crew so now IPMC has resorted to the help of modders. In LGMC several of its members are known for using aimbot, teletransportation, godmode. Without a doubt IPMC have hit rock bottom. 


In more important news, the new DLC has been released and Skel is still staying true to 1%. First impressions made us think that the public sessions would be a disaster but we kick the asses of anybody who tries to carpet bomb us. 

Officers are currently testing the new content; and for the moment our arms claus works effectively for this new DLC. 



Recent News - Sep 2

IPMC, BEMC, were spotted in public session, Skel forced them to leave the session as usual. This adds up to 6 times in less than a week!


Join Skeleton Crew MC. The road is not easy, here we have to earn the place and work for it, but it pays off! The feeling of being part of a solid, active crew, one of the most respected and fearful crew in the MC world. 

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Hello SKEL Family and Visitors!

A trailer for a new major update in GTA has been released by Rockstar Games. Smuggler's Run, as Rockstar decided to name it, features action packed sequences of many new militarized and civilian aircraft. The new update will likely bring more exciting content ranging from vehicles and missions, to new properties and potentially weapons.

Many of the Skeleton Crew Motorcycle Club is very excited about new content, but is also looking for new Support members to join our massive family. If you love riding motorcycles, attending fun events, or even just making new friends to play GTA with; apply by clicking on the "Recruitment" tab on


We look forward to playing with you soon!

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Hello Skel Fam!

It was another great week in Sandy Shores.  We had Friday night events as usual, a new Jousting champion: Congratulations to MarauderSaint!  A fantastic turnout for church today as well.  Keklez has stepped down as Vice President of Sandy Shores, due to time constraints and his higher ability to lead us in battle as a Sgt. At Arms instead.  Weyn, a previous Enforcer for SS, will be stepping up at my right side to be Vice President.  Senecal has also joined our Enforcer ranks.  Congratulations to you all!

We have shown great vigilance and strength in recent battles with BONE and IPMC.  Disturbz, Tail Gunner and temp. Secretary for SS, has done a fantastic job in creating many maps for us to practice on.  Remember that it is critical to join our training sessions if you would like to improve.

It's been amazing being able to lead Sandy Shores for another week.  My first month has been a productive one for our chapter, to say the least, and we look forward to the contributions and character that we will bring and continue to bring to Skel.  Happy riding!

Sandy Shores President

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This week has been great for Skeleton Crew MC. As usual Skel has demonstrated more strength and absolute power against other MC's. Coordinated battles, experienced players, skill and love for the patch are the ideal components for the greatness of Skel. Now every MC thinks twice before shooting on any member who are wearing the SKEL Tag.

In others news, taking advantage of Rockstar discounts we have made our players fill their pockets with money with gunrunning sales. It is finally time for some for double money on bunker sales.

During this weekend we will continue farming money, host Sandy Shores and National Church, followed by a mixed playlist. Between these events we will be hosting daily training as usual.


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Today SKEL National Church took place, with more than 20+ members and we were talking about different topics.

The table opened with the word of the Skeleton Crew President, Weavie.

1) It was clarified again that the use of the Opressor should only be in specific circumstances, when armored or weponized vehicles are present, and rarely during long distance travel.

2) Announced that the Rebel Hill Chapter will open again soon. And the President will be keklez.

3) Welcomed to Senecal, MarauderSaint and Keklez to Deathsquad. (New members will be announced during the coming weeks).

4) Announced Sabrina stepped down from Nat. SGT at Arms and will be in the Skelettes chapter as a patch member for personal reasons.

It was clarified that a replacement will not be sought at the moment because it is one of the most important positions in the crew, and SKEL wants to be sure to find the right person for such a great and honorable position that carries a lot of responsibility.

5) After the open floor for miscellaneous questions about the club, SKEL proceeded to make the National Ride to Mt. Chilliad and with fire welcomed Angrysnowman to the Sandy Shores Chapter.

6) After Church ended, a mixed playlist of 9 maps was started.


Join to Skel to be part of this amazing experience!!

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Another victory, and this is already starting to become a trend.

SKEL and REAP wrecked the Infernal Punks again. Frustrated, they asked for help from PMCs to fight their fights with the use of cheap combat methods.

It has been proven that IPMC now stands for Infernal Private Military Contract.

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