Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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Medal: Description:
Awarded for win Gauntlet race

Haloween 2016
Has won the best outfit at the 2016 halloween party

Skel Gold
Has fought and destroyed enemies for 3 hours + Killed enemy President+10

Skel Silver
Has fought and destroyed enemies for 3 hours

TDM Victor
Member received the most kills for their team during a National Church TDM

Death Squad
Is a member of Death Squad.

BEMC Slayer
Has slain a BEMC patched member

TLMC Slayer
Member has slain a member of TLMC.

AAMC Slayer
Has killed a patched member of AAMC

IPMC Slayer
Member has slain a member of the fake MC IPMC.

Dirty Worm
Member has slain iAproxx

Ronin Slayer
Member killed The Lost Liberty President (Owned_By_Ronin)

Awarded to a Member who has killed a member of an enemy club a 100 times.

Known for being high

Middle finger
Openly defy the law (Flipping off the 5-0 to their face).

Black Wings
Received oral sex from a black prostitute.

Broken Wings
Member is in a bad crash in front of other members.

White Wings
Received oral sex from a white prostitute

The Keeper
Member has taken a bullet for a fellow Brother.

Playing legitimately, has been accused of being a hacker or moder for showed great fighting skills

5 Churches
Has attended 5 Church Sessions

3 Months
Awarded to members who have been active in SKEL for 3 months or more.

Has won an Official "Jousting" Event

The Pit
Winner of free for all fight with melee weapons

Fight Club
Has won an Official "Fight Club" Event

Smoking Gun
Member has murdered an enemy of the Club

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