Freemode tips - by IceX

I would like to share few my own tips which I saw that they might be helpful in fights (not only against tryhards) in free roam: 
- Black/grey/dark outfit makes you harder to spot by the opponent, not only during the night
- if you see tryhard - put a bounty on him to prevent from passive toggling
- if tryhard goes ghost org - do the same, don't wait
- if there is fight between snipers (you as sniper and you opponent)
- you have to move (strafe) all the time, don't stand like a pole because you can get easily killed
- if you have numbers - try to outplay opponent and make half circle or circle around him so you will         spawn trap him
- while playing against tryhard - don't pick the corner first, wait, be patient, otherwise he will rpg you
- if you see enemy spotted armoured vehicles - use mc to spawn oppressor and get on it and go few streets away as fast as possible, so you will be able to kill him right after he will get into that vehicle
- if you can - take roof tops (watch Roji in free roam, he is great at it)
And this is my own rule I follow since a long time: play smart, not hard. Sometimes waiting 1-2 seconds in the corner can save your life and thanks to that you will be able to kill the opponent.



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Wednesday, 15 August 2018