BotW Hall of Fame:

Come one, come all! Bike of the Week is an opportunity to showcase one's best work. Classes and models vary from week to week. Competitors will meet at a designated location, view the bikes and vote for their favorite.

Natalya Amasova Max  

Winners 8/13/2018 Natalya_Amasiva (Left) MaximusCornelius (Right)

Set in a custom map by [Insert Area Name], up to 32 players jump down into a pit with melee weapons. The competitor with the most kills, wins!

I c e X

Hosted by our Vinewood chapter, The Gauntlet is a thrilling event involving two staples of an MC: fast bikes and sawed-off shotguns. Competitors mount on a Zombie Bobber or Chopper and ride around a custom race track, attempting to weave around obstacles while killing each other. The fastest lap wins!
(EU) DJ, (US) Havoc proven that obstacles don't mean nothing against them, Winner of Gauntlet 07/11/18

Sajakaingta  John E Smoke

 Sajakaingta (Left) - SKEL_Smoke (Right) - Winners 08/01/2018

Fight Club is hosted by our Skelettes chapter. Two competitors face off in a classic brawling match. The one to defeat their opponent in each match, wins


8/9/2018 - Fight Club - @SKEL_Rob 07/19/18

The Skeleton Cup is a seven-map playlist that spans a month. At the end of the playlist on the final week, the scores from all previous playlists are added up and a winner is declared. The Champion is awarded a custom patch.


#1 Place Shadiercougar

I c e X RH3

 #2 Place IceX                     #3 PlaceMaximusConelius

Types of Events
Joust: an event famous and common in the MC community, two competitors charge at each other using sawed-off shotguns or double-barreled shotguns on a bike of their choosing.
Duel: In this event, two competitors start back-to-back, facing in opposite directions. They start walking away from each other until the referee calls for a draw. The first person to kill the other, wins!


Winner Jousting: Daniel52 07/28/18