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Chapter I - The Creation

The Skeleton Crew (SKEL) was founded on April 28th, in the year 2016. The crew was built swiftly, with our tone firm. We are a motorcycle club (MC), with a belief in the bond of brotherhood. Not long after SKELs creation, the crew became featured on Rockstar’s website - not the usual brief highlight, but a full feature. This caused SKEL to boom in recruitment. There were hundreds of requests to join, which remain even to this day. Thus began the expansion of the Skeleton Crew. Originally, there were four main chapters: Vinewood (National), Davis, Sandy Shores and Skelettes. After our feature, Davis split to become the Brothers in Exile MC. Following that, Grand Senora was opened (later renamed Tongva Hills) and Rebel Hills opened soon after.

It was an interesting thing, joining this crew, learning their ways. Many crews aim for as much activity as they can get from their members, but the Skeleton Crew wants complete loyalty. In many ways, SKEL did not want to be like the MCs seen in real life - we respect the responsibilities and situations that people have to deal with outside of our crew. In another sense, there was an expectation that if one wishes to earn their patch, they must play with the crew. They must ride with us, train with us, shed their blood, sweat and tears with us. In this way, the patch is earned and fully revered.

The patch for many represents their journey in SKEL. When I see my patch, I remember where we were. I remember the struggles, the times where many doubted if we would rise from the ashes. I also remember the good times, riding beside my brothers and sisters, fighting beside them and having a helping hand in rebuilding this crew. In this moment, The Skeleton Crew MC is one of the most revered crews in GTA Online and in the MC community. We have come back from our struggles stronger than ever. This is the history of The Skeleton Crew MC. 


Chapter II - The First Separation


In the streets of Los Santos lurk many different kinds of players. With the expansion of GTA introducing more and more intense weaponry as well as equipment, began the exploitation of in-game mechanics such as first-person speed increases, Bull-Shark Testosterone (BST) and rocket-spamming. In these expansions, the tryhard breed was born. With these updates fueling their exploits, the tryhards proliferated; the MC’s arms and vehicles clause did create issues for some in battle. Only the most skilled brothers would be able to out-shoot the tryhards. This decreased morale and damaged the reputation and pride of the MC.

Unknown to most of SKEL at the time, a Private Military Crew (PMC) was created in the shadows by some members of National Council. This was the birth of the Skull and Bones Society, or BONE. Members noticed that suddenly, some of the founding members of SKEL decided to leave and create this group with the idea that it would be a subgroup of the crew. This idea, however, was not relayed to Council - it was a unilateral and rogue decision. In a desire to follow those who inspired them, other SKEL members transferred - creating tension between the two groups. It was later revealed that the Skull and Bones Society was secretly recruiting members from the Skeleton Crew, even though there was a rule between the two crews in which BONE had to recruit their own members.

One major issue was BONE cooperating with MC war rules. In wartime, MCs generally have an understanding of what arms are allowed - although views change from one MC to another, it is widely accepted that battles are mainly Snipers and ARs. BONE, however, would join in with their military vehicles and full arsenal of weapons, disrupting the fight and causing further tension between MCs. It was decided in the Skull and Bones Society that they would abide by their own rules and their own wishes.

During this time, Weavie had joined and risen through the ranks. He led Rebel Hills and later transferred to lead Sandy Shores. Demonstrating his leadership capability, structure, as well as calm resolution, he was promoted to Vice President of the Skeleton Crew. I had also transferred from Rebel Hills to Nomads and later been voted in as the National Road Captain. Unfortunately, the split with the Skull and Bones Society took many members from the Skeleton Crew and it was time to rebuild. In an effort to consolidate our forces and rebuild, the Rebel Hills chapter was merged with its older brother, Sandy Shores and with that came the promise that Rebel Hills would reopen when the crew had recovered. With Weavie by my side, it was time to begin the reformation of The Skeleton Crew.

Chapter III -  Internal and External MC Relations

Unfortunately, The Skeleton Crew had not seen the last of its issues within the ranks. It was discovered that the President at the time, Cannibal, had committed heinous acts despicable of the morality that SKEL promulgates. He generated discontent within his ranks and most members of National Council asked him to step down. However, the former President was in control of all Discord servers and other SKEL business. Cannibal tried to accelerate the promotion of his closest friends to National Council in an effort to save himself, but Council decided to wait two weeks - little by little, Cannibal was forced out of office. On January 9th, in the year 2017, Weavie was voted in as the new President of the Skeleton Crew MC. Two days later, I was voted in as his National Vice President and have served at his side ever since.

As time went on, The Skeleton Crew recovered - as we always do. One day, BEMC approached SKEL requesting a ceasefire, with the goal being to talk and have a good in-game moment. SKEL allowed this for one afternoon only and this led to a series of internal talks in SKEL. Our crew was able to see that there was no serious reason to continue the war with BEMC. The Brothers in Exile used to be the Davis chapter of The Skeleton Crew and branched off. However, the main people who started the war with BEMC and other crews were the very people to tore their patch off and decided to join BONE. Because of this, SKEL accepted a meeting with BEMC in an attempt to resolve their differences.

With us now able to guide SKEL in the right direction, it was time to set our tone once more and get down to business. SKEL and BEMC had a meeting to discuss their differences. BEMC brought Blazing Tigers MC (BTMC), Archangels MC (AAMC) and The Lost MC (TLMC) with them, all of which we had conflicts with. This meeting was extended for one week. SKEL maintained respectful and diplomatic, however, the enemy soon started demanding that SKEL relinquish their patch and delete their Social Club. The Skeleton Crew did not show up to take orders, they came to resolve differences. It was soon realized that yes, the initial reason for the war was no longer valid. The crew at that moment no longer had any personal reasons to be at war with any group. However, as I said earlier, the tone must be set; the Skeleton Crew must show their dominance. At the insistence and insults of the enemy, Weavie and I gave the enemy a very stern, clear warning: If you want war, you will have it, but do not say that we did not warn you.

The Skull and Bones Society, however, did not appreciate this move - the very people who started these conflicts. They felt that they were the ones who should dictate what SKEL must do, but BONE does not get to participate nor do they have any voice in any policy or MC relations in SKEL. With tensions high, a BONE member began disrespectful talks against SKEL members in our own Discord. They were kicked from the server and BONE declared war on SKEL. This was the official split between the Skull and Bones Society and the Skeleton Crew.

After the deal with SKEL and BEMC as well as their allies was off, IPMC entered the scene wanting to be friendly with SKEL and engage in activities with one another. SKEL agreed, but BONE started to attack IPMC. It was still believed that SKEL was in control of BONE, but this was folly. IPMC became offended and declared war on SKEL. They could not see that this would be the beginning of their downfall.

Interestingly, IPMC started as a split from Reapers MC (REAP). REAP and SKEL had briefly fought as enemy and by the time I had joined they were officially neutral. In the time leading up to my Vice Presidency, REAP had installed some solid leadership and later approached SKEL to start engaging with one another in activities to build a bond. Two months later, Reapers MC was voted an official ally of the Skeleton Crew - a relationship we do not take lightly. Today this alliance is one of the strongest and most legitimate relationships of friendship and brotherhood.

Because of our alliance with REAP and REAP’s war with IPMC, SKEL decided to begin the war in full force against IPMC. A major downside was that IPMC was in full recruitment and it was showing - SKEL on the other hand was still recovering from the split with BONE. This did not stop us however and we quickly demonstrated our combat abilities on the battlefield. IPMC was forced to ally themselves with BONE, BEMC, TLMC, AAMC and Lost Griffins MC (LGMC). SKEL and REAP very frequently joined on IPMC sessions, forcing them to leave - and in their embarrassment, it was discovered that IPMC negotiated with BONE that when SKEL started to attack, BONE would join and mod us out of the session. At that time, BONE had started openly using game exploits and some mods. Because of this REAP had notified us that if BONE showed up they would leave the battle because they would not want to put their members at risk. This showed an immense difference between our crews, because neither SKEL nor REAP had ever called on an outside crew - much less, tryhards - to assist in battle against another MC. 

Chapter IV - The Second Separation

This separation highlights the fall of Tongva Hills. At the time, SKEL was divided up primarily by timezone. If one was a european player, they would patch into Tongva Hills. Over time, this chapter greatly expanded - they held the majority of patches in SKEL and grew to believe that they should have the most influence and that they should be exempt from the rules.

This chapter campaigned against Weavie and I, demanding that we step down and that the Skelettes chapter be disbanded. Led by Micromonsta, the members of this chapter posted racist things in the crews Discord server and even brought a modder into the ranks. National Council gave the order for Tongva Hills to cease this behavior, but their patches continued to put pressure. As a result, most of Tongva Hills was kicked with no possibility of negotiation. Many of these ex-members left of their own accord, in order to avoid further humiliation and started Resurrected MC (RSMC).

RSMC declared war on SKEL, of course, but we have not yet fought with them. They remain in hiding and as far as we know, have become completely inactive. In those times it was difficult to lose Council members and friends, but we could no lose the determination to rebuild the crew and continue to improve. 

Chapter V - The Reformation

For the second time in the Skeleton Crews history, a major portion of the crew had been split and we had lost brothers. This was a clear message that our inner-workings needed to be reevaluated, down to our core. This opportunity was taken to re-found every concept, every detail of SKEL. If we were to truly grow, if we were to truly improve, we must evolve. Our thinking patterns, topics to be aware of, recruitment methodology all must be reformed. Even what it means to wear the patch of The Skeleton Crew must be reevaluated and a solid foundation must be built from that idea.

The toxic ideologies of past leaders were abolished. Weavie and I developed a methodology to rebuild our crew, a long-term process - the methodology will remain unwritten, each crew must find their own way - but I must say, it worked beautifully. Forphoque_Saques (FS) became active in Skelettes as their VP and was voted in as President not long after the excommunication of Tongva Hills. Weavie, FS and I over time received new members who would help shape the future of The Skeleton Crew.

If there were any doubt as to whether the crew would improve, it must be dissolved quickly. The future and fate of the crew was in our hands. We needed to be careful where we walked, to set a straight and true course for success. To be an Officer is to lead by example, this meant things such as late-night recruitment in lobbies and keeping our posts updated. Of course the passion to play must not be lost as well, as soon as we gained more momentum with recruitment it was time to set in motion the time for events to take place. In the old days of SKEL, we held events every single day. This kept the attention of the crew and to play with one’s brother was always a good time.

Chapter VI -  The Resurrection of Sandy Shores

The Skeleton Crews oldest chapter, second only to Vinewood, was in serious need of repair. Sandy Shores went through eight Presidents since its creation, only two months after Vinewood. This caused many issues; to frequent of a change in leadership made it difficult for the members to look up to someone and for their Council to be truly effective. We needed to find a long-term solution, but for now, only had short-term cards in our hand.

Tulips was elected temporary President of Sandy Shores to help get it running again and around this time, a new brother came to the Skeleton Crew. His engagement with SKEL made him stand out quickly and he served at Tulips side as Sgt. At Arms for Sandy Shores. Together they built up the membership of the chapter and began to inspire the crew more, bringing back Sandy Shores Events night. Eventually, he was elected President of this elder chapter: his name is Johnny.Vice. Tulips was voted in as National Road Captain and thus began the repair of Sandy Shores in full swing. Under Tulips, Sandy Shores acquired active, dedicated members. Under Johnny’s leadership and sharing the same ideology that was created in the reformation, Sandy Shores had more strength than ever before. They achieved a full council with solid members and flourished within SKEL. 

Chapter VII - The Resurrection of Rebel Hills

During the first separation, Rebel Hills lost almost all their members to BONE. It was promised that this fearsome chapter would return, once the crew had healed and this promise was fulfilled in full force. This is where an old SKEL brother, Keklez, comes into play. Currently Nomad, Keklez was in SKEL before the separation. After many of his friends left, he retired from GTA and later re-joined SKEL. At the time leading up to the Rebel Hills reopening, Sandy Shores had achieved great things for SKEL and it was decided that those who wished to transfer and help build this chapter back up would be allowed to do so freely. Having earned the confidence of National Council with his charisma and great fighting skills, he was selected to be the first President of the newly resurrected Rebel Hills chapter. Under his leadership and dedication, this chapter grew with great strength.

However, as it has always been in SKEL, real life must come first and Keklez transferred to Nomads. Everyone knew of his Vice President’s love for SKEL. His undying dedication and passion for the group was doubted by no one and his loyalty showed the National Council that he was ready to lead. It was time for RedBaron to take command of this fearsome chapter. He had previously been Road Captain for Sandy Shores under Johnny.Vice and his passion for SKEL as well as his leadership was noticed early on. RedBaron transferred during the opening of Rebel Hills and continued to aid the chapter as a patched member until Keklez took note of his charisma. Today, he has formed a great Council within the chapter. They set an example for the crew and help keep the passion for the patch alive. Rebel Hills continues to grow and their President is undoubtedly one of the most respected members in the entirety of SKEL.

Chapter VIII - The Present

Today, The Skeleton Crew MC has become one of the most friendly and lethal crews on PC. The fraternity between our members is united and is truly a big group of friends. Almost all of our enemies have gone inactive because of us. BONE’s founding members, ex-SKEL members, have all left to do their own thing within GTA or retired altogether. The Skeleton Crew has won the war against four rival MCs, forcing them into inactivity or complete disbandment. AAMC, BEMC, BTMC and TLMC actively avoid SKEL. In some cases these crews are completely inactive. IPMC is the only enemy which remains active, but consistently leaves the session when SKEL finds them. They have lost more than 75 fights to date and have lost the alliances they made with tryhards and modders - they have no support to back them up, so now they must fight their own fight… except, they have no fighting ability.

The ex-President of BEMC, iAproxx, was pushed into Nomads by SKEL on account of his inability to maintain his crew against SKEL. He later said in-game that he is moving to a tryhard style; SKEL crushed those efforts and iAproxx has stopped playing GTA Online for the time being. In another instance, Whitey, a long-time ex-President of Infernal Punks MC (IPMC) was also pushed to Nomads by SKEL for a time - he has since returned, but as a regular patch. After his push to Nomads, IPMC now frequently leaves the session rather than confronting SKEL.

A solid, reliable National Council has also been established. The previous Vice President of Skelettes, LegacyR, joined us as our National Secretary. We gained more organization in our business and established more efficient ways of operating. Havoc was also voted in as our National Sgt. At Arms, serving as an Enforcer in Sandy Shores and a Sgt. in Rebel Hills. He took over the command of our glorious Death Squad from Weavie and began active training schedules for our members. Both of these people have shown an extraordinary dedication to our crew and to representing their patch well.

As far as our community goes, SKEL is one of the friendliest with loyal members and events happening every day. It is a very rewarding experience for each of our members (and our allies) to ride with one another. My heart is warmed when I hear people say often that they have participated in other groups - in some cases other MCs - and have never been in a place like SKEL. It is interesting to see where we were, even a year ago: very low members, enemies increasing and recruitment is a slow process. However, I had my brother Weavie. I had a great team in National Council and the rest of my brothers and sisters within SKEL aiding us in rebuilding and evolving. I also had the many people who put in many weeks to help the Skeleton Crew grow and improve, in its younger days. Undoubtedly, SKELs success is not believing in the numbers of members we have. Today we have requests every day to join our crew, it would be very easy for us to let all of them in. However the way we earn our strength, the way we build the bond we have with one another, is to have quality members and to believe in them; to respect our brother, revere our patch and ride strong.

Oderint Dum Metuant.

-Jor Vice President,

The Skeleton Crew MC, Vinewood

The Skeleton Crew MC History written by Johnny.Vice

Sandy Shore's Chapter