Our crew besides churches and crew events also has many Rival MCs. Because of that we have a formation of warriors who are capable to protect our club anytime. In case of any danger - they are the ones who jump online and put enemies back in their place.

Focused on 1% play style Death Squad members are professionals at ARs and sniper rifles. Many hours of wars in free mode, RnGs and practice sessions have proven what they can do.
If you think you need practice - don’t worry, just contact any Death Squad member and you will the full training in depth explanations of basics of combat and advance fighting techniques.


Current list of Death Squad members:

  • Havoc - National/Death Squad Sgt at Arms
  • WeaViE [National President]
  • Moe [National Enforcer]
  • Johnny.Vice [Sandy Shores President]
  • RedBaron [Rebel Hills President]
  • Sajakain [Sandy Shores VP]
  • ItsHungryJeff [Sandy Shores Sgt at Arms]
  • IceX [Rebel Hills Treasurer]
  • SKEL_Clark [Rebel Hills TailGunner]
  • Holydivver [Rebel Hills]
  • SKEL_Danielson [Rebel Hills]
  • keklez [Nomad]