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Posted on Wed Feb 7, 2018 7:58 pm

Before Chapter I

In the streets of Los Santos lurk many different kinds of players. With the expansion of GTA introducing more and more intense weaponry as well as equipment, began the exploitation of in-game mechanics such as first-person speed increases, Bull-Shark Testosterone (BST) and rocket-spamming. In these expansions, the tryhard breed was born. With these updates fueling their exploits, the tryhards proliferated; the MC’s arms and vehicles clause did create issues for some in battle. Only the most skilled brothers would be able to out-shoot the tryhards. This decreased morale and damaged the reputation and pride of the MC.

Unknown to most of SKEL at the time, a Private Military Crew (PMC) was created in the shadows by some members of National Council. This was the birth of the Skull and Bones Society, or BONE. Members noticed that suddenly, some of the founding members of SKEL decided to leave and create this group with the idea that it would be a subgroup of the crew. This idea, however, was not relayed to Council - it was a unilateral and rogue decision. In a desire to follow those who inspired them, other SKEL members transferred - creating tension between the two groups. It was later revealed that the Skull and Bones Society was secretly recruiting members from the Skeleton Crew, even though there was a rule between the two crews in which BONE had to recruit their own members.

One major issue was BONE cooperating with MC war rules. In wartime, MCs generally have an understanding of what arms are allowed - although views change from one MC to another, it is widely accepted that battles are mainly Snipers and ARs. BONE, however, would join in with their military vehicles and full arsenal of weapons, disrupting the fight and causing further tension between MCs. It was decided in the Skull and Bones Society that they would abide by their own rules and their own wishes.

During this time, Weavie had joined and risen through the ranks. He led Rebel Hills and later transferred to lead Sandy Shores. Demonstrating his leadership capability, structure, as well as calm resolution, he was promoted to Vice President of the Skeleton Crew. I had also transferred from Rebel Hills to Nomads and later been voted in as the National Road Captain. Unfortunately, the split with the Skull and Bones Society took many members from the Skeleton Crew and it was time to rebuild. In an effort to consolidate our forces and rebuild, the Rebel Hills chapter was merged with its older brother, Sandy Shores and with that came the promise that Rebel Hills would reopen when the crew had recovered. With Weavie by my side, it was time to begin the reformation of The Skeleton Crew.

Next Chapter III

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