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Posted on Wed Feb 7, 2018 7:57 pm

Before Chapter II

Unfortunately, The Skeleton Crew had not seen the last of its issues within the ranks. It was discovered that the President at the time, Cannibal, had committed heinous acts despicable of the morality that SKEL promulgates. He generated discontent within his ranks and most members of National Council asked him to step down. However, the former President was in control of all Discord servers and other SKEL business. Cannibal tried to accelerate the promotion of his closest friends to National Council in an effort to save himself, but Council decided to wait two weeks - little by little, Cannibal was forced out of office. On January 9th, in the year 2017, Weavie was voted in as the new President of the Skeleton Crew MC. Two days later, I was voted in as his National Vice President and have served at his side ever since.

As time went on, The Skeleton Crew recovered - as we always do. One day, BEMC approached SKEL requesting a ceasefire, with the goal being to talk and have a good in-game moment. SKEL allowed this for one afternoon only and this led to a series of internal talks in SKEL. Our crew was able to see that there was no serious reason to continue the war with BEMC. The Brothers in Exile used to be the Davis chapter of The Skeleton Crew and branched off. However, the main people who started the war with BEMC and other crews were the very people to tore their patch off and decided to join BONE. Because of this, SKEL accepted a meeting with BEMC in an attempt to resolve their differences.

With us now able to guide SKEL in the right direction, it was time to set our tone once more and get down to business. SKEL and BEMC had a meeting to discuss their differences. BEMC brought Blazing Tigers MC (BTMC), Archangels MC (AAMC) and The Lost MC (TLMC) with them, all of which we had conflicts with. This meeting was extended for one week. SKEL maintained respectful and diplomatic, however, the enemy soon started demanding that SKEL relinquish their patch and delete their Social Club. The Skeleton Crew did not show up to take orders, they came to resolve differences. It was soon realized that yes, the initial reason for the war was no longer valid. The crew at that moment no longer had any personal reasons to be at war with any group. However, as I said earlier, the tone must be set; the Skeleton Crew must show their dominance. At the insistence and insults of the enemy, Weavie and I gave the enemy a very stern, clear warning: If you want war, you will have it, but do not say that we did not warn you.

The Skull and Bones Society, however, did not appreciate this move - the very people who started these conflicts. They felt that they were the ones who should dictate what SKEL must do, but BONE does not get to participate nor do they have any voice in any policy or MC relations in SKEL. With tensions high, a BONE member began disrespectful talks against SKEL members in our own Discord. They were kicked from the server and BONE declared war on SKEL. This was the official split between the Skull and Bones Society and the Skeleton Crew.

After the deal with SKEL and BEMC as well as their allies was off, IPMC entered the scene wanting to be friendly with SKEL and engage in activities with one another. SKEL agreed, but BONE started to attack IPMC. It was still believed that SKEL was in control of BONE, but this was folly. IPMC became offended and declared war on SKEL. They could not see that this would be the beginning of their downfall.

Interestingly, IPMC started as a split from Reapers MC (REAP). REAP and SKEL had briefly fought as enemy and by the time I had joined they were officially neutral. In the time leading up to my Vice Presidency, REAP had installed some solid leadership and later approached SKEL to start engaging with one another in activities to build a bond. Two months later, Reapers MC was voted an official ally of the Skeleton Crew - a relationship we do not take likely. Today this alliance is one of the strongest and most legitimate relationships of friendship and brotherhood.

Because of our alliance with REAP and REAP’s war with IPMC, SKEL decided to begin the war in full force against IPMC. A major downside was that IPMC was in full recruitment and it was showing - SKEL on the other hand was still recovering from the split with BONE. This did not stop us however and we quickly demonstrated our combat abilities on the battlefield. IPMC was forced to ally themselves with BONE, BEMC, TLMC, AAMC and Lost Griffins MC (LGMC). SKEL and REAP very frequently joined on IPMC sessions, forcing them to leave - and in their embarrassment, it was discovered that IPMC negotiated with BONE that when SKEL started to attack, BONE would join and mod us out of the session. At that time, BONE had started openly using game exploits and some mods. Because of this REAP had notified us that if BONE showed up they would leave the battle because they would not want to put their members at risk. This showed an immense difference between our crews, because neither SKEL nor REAP had ever called on an outside crew - much less, tryhards - to assist in battle against another MC. 

Next Chapter IV

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