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Posted on Wed Feb 7, 2018 2:33 pm

Before Chapter III

This separation highlights the fall of Tongva Hills. At the time, SKEL was divided up primarily by timezone. If one was a european player, they would patch into Tongva Hills. Over time, this chapter greatly expanded - they held the majority of patches in SKEL and grew to believe that they should have the most influence and that they should be exempt from the rules.

This chapter campaigned against Weavie and I, demanding that we step down and that the Skelettes chapter be disbanded. Led by Micromonsta, the members of this chapter posted racist things in the crews Discord server and even brought a modder into the ranks. National Council gave the order for Tongva Hills to cease this behavior, but their patches continued to put pressure. As a result, most of Tongva Hills was kicked with no possibility of negotiation. Many of these ex-members left of their own accord, in order to avoid further humiliation and started Resurrected MC (RSMC).

RSMC declared war on SKEL, of course, but we have not yet fought with them. They remain in hiding and as far as we know, have become completely inactive. In those times it was difficult to lose Council members and friends, but we could no lose the determination to rebuild the crew and continue to improve. 

Next Chapter V

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