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Posted on Wed Feb 7, 2018 2:32 pm

Before Chapter IV

For the second time in the Skeleton Crews history, a major portion of the crew had been split and we had lost brothers. This was a clear message that our inner-workings needed to be reevaluated, down to our core. This opportunity was taken to re-found every concept, every detail of SKEL. If we were to truly grow, if we were to truly improve, we must evolve. Our thinking patterns, topics to be aware of, recruitment methodology all must be reformed. Even what it means to wear the patch of The Skeleton Crew must be reevaluated and a solid foundation must be built from that idea.

The toxic ideologies of past leaders were abolished. Weavie and I developed a methodology to rebuild our crew, a long-term process - the methodology will remain unwritten, each crew must find their own way - but I must say, it worked beautifully. Forphoque_Saques (FS) became active in Skelettes as their VP and was voted in as President not long after the excommunication of Tongva Hills. Weavie, FS and I over time received new members who would help shape the future of The Skeleton Crew.

If there were any doubt as to whether the crew would improve, it must be dissolved quickly. The future and fate of the crew was in our hands. We needed to be careful where we walked, to set a straight and true course for success. To be an Officer is to lead by example, this meant things such as late-night recruitment in lobbies and keeping our posts updated. Of course the passion to play must not be lost as well, as soon as we gained more momentum with recruitment it was time to set in motion the time for events to take place. In the old days of SKEL, we held events every single day. This kept the attention of the crew and to play with one’s brother was always a good time.

Next Chapter VI 

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