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Posted on Wed Feb 7, 2018 7:59 pm

The Skeleton Crew (SKEL) was founded on April 28th, in the year 2016. The crew was built swiftly, with our tone firm. We are a motorcycle club (MC), with a belief in the bond of brotherhood. Not long after SKELs creation, the crew became featured on Rockstar’s website - not the usual brief highlight, but a full feature. This caused SKEL to boom in recruitment. There were hundreds of requests to join, which remain even to this day. Thus began the expansion of the Skeleton Crew. Originally, there were four main chapters: Vinewood (National), Davis, Sandy Shores and Skelettes. After our feature, Davis split to become the Brothers in Exile MC. Following that, Grand Senora was opened (later renamed Tongva Hills) and Rebel Hills opened soon after.

It was an interesting thing, joining this crew, learning their ways. Many crews aim for as much activity as they can get from their members, but the Skeleton Crew wants complete loyalty. In many ways, SKEL did not want to be like the MCs seen in real life - we respect the responsibilities and situations that people have to deal with outside of our crew. In another sense, there was an expectation that if one wishes to earn their patch, they must play with the crew. They must ride with us, train with us, shed their blood, sweat and tears with us. In this way, the patch is earned and fully revered.

The patch for many represents their journey in SKEL. When I see my patch, I remember where we were. I remember the struggles, the times where many doubted if we would rise from the ashes. I also remember the good times, riding beside my brothers and sisters, fighting beside them and having a helping hand in rebuilding this crew. In this moment, The Skeleton Crew MC is one of the most revered crews in GTA Online and in the MC community. We have come back from our struggles stronger than ever. This is the history of The Skeleton Crew MC. 

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